Sunday, September 10, 2017

Special Friendships

Sunday September 10, 2017

I can safely say I have friends all over this great state of Florida. Many from schools, but there's one particular friendship that's like no other. Samantha Zullo is her name.

I graduated high school in 1994 and there was never a doubt that I would attend FSU. I auditioned for and became a member of "The World Renowned Florida State University Marching Chiefs." It was grueling and I worked hard to be part of the band. I quickly made a very good friend in Gary Zullo.
Edi Gay, me and Gary Zullo 1994 Prism Concert

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mean Mommy

September 8, 2017

I have 2 sons who each had cell phones this morning. 

Without saying who did what, I can tell you they both think their world has ended today. One son cracked his phone and the other lost the privilege. 

Sticks and Stones

Friday September 8, 2017

These past few weeks have been trying for me, both physically and mentally. My body is healthier now than I've been in years. It hasn't been easy and I've had setbacks. I wish I could tell you there was a magic pill to cure Lupus, but frankly it's a disease of diseases and we can only manage the symptoms. I'm aware of what I put in my body and that's all I can control; My muscles and nutrition. It's simplest just to say I have a crappy immune system.  

Irmaaaaaa Gaw

Friday September 8, 2017

My blog has never been "Private" -- it's open to all. I share what I know to help others as I can. I don't sell advertisements or speak for any other individual and my words aren't meant to hurt. This week I have no voice, so I'm typing from my house in Jacksonville, FL; the city in which I was born.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Loopy Is Awesome!

Loopy iPhone 6 PLUS/6s PLUS

The other day, Loopy ran a sale on phone cases in a bunch of new colors. I totally already have a green one with extra loops I ordered. I wanted one of the new colors (Matte black with the gold loops) so I jumped on the sale -- just a little too late. The sale had been over for 21 minutes by the time I opened my browser.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This is short and sweet.

My life is like yours -- it's a journey. We all have demons, we all have secrets and struggles. Mine aren't any more special than yours. I am just trying to make it through each day.

So I've taken a slight detour. It gets my creative juices flowing. It's still writing, but set to music (my real heart and soul).

I wish I had taken pictures last night, but I'm on my way to experimenting with a dream.

Please wish me luck.

Friday, June 17, 2016

My Book ("The Reluctant Housewife") - the intro (subtitle)

Yeah, I was thinking about writing a book. But, I don't think Anders has faith in my dedication (inside joke, kind of). So I'm blogging my book, one chapter at a time.

So, if I were to write a book (you never know), this would be my intro:

First, I have to Thank Anders for letting me introduce him to my 3 friends that care. We've already decided that Chapter 5 will be called:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet the Editor

(Not terribly comfortable reading English? Try Google Translate's Swedish or Norwegian versions.)

I have a very good friend I need to introduce you to...
He will edit this because my grasp of English grammar is not up to his standards, and Swedish is his first language.

First, he is my very good friend of almost 16 years. We knew each other PK (that's pre-kids). We were both married and he worked at a Fortune 500 train company with my husband in Jacksonville (the job is why we moved here). We bonded, because:

Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's Not Just Me

I have not used this blog as I had initially intended to do. I guess I see it as another stress. I think about parts of my journey that I really want to share because it's therapeutic for me to write about it and there have been a few instances where I have helped others and that always feels good.

SO, as I learn on my own journey; I really want to share, possibly helping others and I want the feedback from fellow "Lupies" because we can only encourage each other and comfort each other. Well... I haven't done a great job. However, in the last few months I have become much closer friends with a girlfriend I met in college. Ironically, I'm fairly certain we took "Criminal Law" together at FSU (the irony should be clear later) and we were put into a study group with 2 Florida highway patrol officers. That was our only connection in college. Then thru the magic of FaceBook, we reconnected many years ago and we've become very close virtual friends. One strong bond we have is that Kelly also struggles with Lupus.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Too Tired for a cute title

So, I haven't written a blog in almost 2 years.  I had this huge goal of sharing my journey and this was to be a great outlet for me, but I lost my "mojo."  I had a few setbacks and about 18 months ago I had a hysterectomy.  Then I had a nice long period of remission.  My theory was, why wake the dragon?  If I don't talk about it, maybe it will stay "remissed." Apparently "remissed" isn't a real word, but I declare; it means to stay in remission.  But alas, my monster has reared its ugly head.

David and I went on our annual cruise without the kids in February, and I got sick.  I usually get sick (when not in remission) from the anxiety leading up to a trip, and the actual travel involved in getting to the ship (in most cases it's a cruise).

Inside the "London Eye" with David, the boys and
my parents, September 2013