Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet the Editor

(Not terribly comfortable reading English? Try Google Translate's Swedish or Norwegian versions.)

I have a very good friend I need to introduce you to...
He will edit this because my grasp of English grammar is not up to his standards, and Swedish is his first language.

First, he is my very good friend of almost 16 years. We knew each other PK (that's pre-kids). We were both married and he worked at a Fortune 500 train company with my husband in Jacksonville (the job is why we moved here). We bonded, because:

1. He's an FSU alum and his wife is too
    (he's 6'5" and she's Guatemexican (it's new, try it you'll like it) ...I'm kidding, Maribel is beautiful and I love her, but she's only 5'2" and she's actually Guatemalan.

Anders singing, with husband David
probably harmonizing:

Maribel and my youngest (Grant) and her youngest
"Chloe Renee" in Feb 2011

2. He's Swedish and I'm Norwegian. In "real" life we aren't supposed to associate.
3. He's smarter than I am and still speaks English (That's really smart multi-lingual!).
4. He's the best editor I could afford (aka: "free") and he gets my quirky personality and illnesses (because I'm messed up).
5. He's also just as "techy" if not "techier" than my husband and I don't need to ask David for help. I call Anders. Maribel loves me too.

This is Anders work/life bio at the Motley Fool.

Over the next few months, I'm going to try to write a book, or a series, or maybe just a pamphlet. If you like it, awesome. If not, then blame Anders for not editing with my hilarious voice intact.

So if I don't write in a reasonable amount of time or at least update those of you who care, then Anders also failed as my friend to be a cheerleader and push me harder.
Send all complaints to: ANDERS BYLUND

YAY! I have a cheerleader friend and I'm calling him out online!

(Happy to be here, ma'am. Now get to work -- Anders)

^^gosh I love him. Swede and all.

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