Friday, June 17, 2016

My Book ("The Reluctant Housewife") - the intro (subtitle)

Yeah, I was thinking about writing a book. But, I don't think Anders has faith in my dedication (inside joke, kind of). So I'm blogging my book, one chapter at a time.

So, if I were to write a book (you never know), this would be my intro:

First, I have to Thank Anders for letting me introduce him to my 3 friends that care. We've already decided that Chapter 5 will be called:

So, I actually talk to Anders, kind of on the regular. He is special because he enjoys my ADD.
Oh yes, I am actually the poster child for Adult ADD. So when I say something totally random, I tell him to keep a sidenote for Chapter 5. In other words, Anders is writing Chapter 5 about my squirrels.

Yesterday, for example, I became obsessed with Travel Underwear. In fact, I was so obsessed that I found them on Amazon for $10.50 with free shipping and I bought them. I plan to write a review, and this is all because the women on RHOOC (Real Housewives of Orange county) bought them. 

(^ That is a real, live squirrel.)

Anyway, since I introduced myself in 2012, a lot has changed.

We took our family to Europe and I met my Norwegian cousins. Onward to Amsterdam, Germany, UK, and it was an awesome vacation. The kids cannot get that education in their textbooks. 
David got his MBA in an accelerated program (that's 2.5 years of school crammed into 16 months)
-he graduated with a 4.0, inducted in Beta Gamma Delta, and something else.
-I got a trophy for "outstanding MBA wife." No really, I'm now a trophy wife (money and Dr. Dubrow are in my future).
-I'm super proud of him (I'm also proud of myself for not killing or even harming him or our children while he was "schooling").
-Thank You Baby Jesus, it's over!

We went on a cruise immediately after graduation (he literally walked off the stage and did not return to his seat and we were off to New Orleans).
We hadn't talked in so long we had to relearn what life really is like.
This was the first cruise where I did not have a Lupus flare. (No, I had it when I got home and real life sunk in...)
I started working on me. (This is step 3!)
(I have no idea how many steps there are in "The Program.")
I still have 2 children (and a husband). They are 13 and (almost) 15 (July 2016). (He's 39, but just until August).
I turned 40, I did not embrace it. I still don't like it. (Like meeting my older Brother-in-Law and his new wife and she gets carded and I didn't = NOT cool!)

Yep, That's where I'm at.

Working on Chapter 1
-My "Genesis"
..... On a warm Florida night (they're all warm, trust me) 
To Be Continued . . ...

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