Friday, September 8, 2017

Irmaaaaaa Gaw

Friday September 8, 2017

My blog has never been "Private" -- it's open to all. I share what I know to help others as I can. I don't sell advertisements or speak for any other individual and my words aren't meant to hurt. This week I have no voice, so I'm typing from my house in Jacksonville, FL; the city in which I was born.

Our house is actually not in an evacuation zone, so I will be here virtually. If you follow me on Facebook, then I consider you a friend. Personally, the stress of being preached other religions and politics is getting old to me. I began FB to start a scrapbook, not for people to change my opinions and morals. Yes, I use other social media, but for specific purposes.

So if you want to catch up on who I am, there are 6 blog posts about me and my family here. A huge shout out to Anders Bylund. Anders protects me from corporations and from putting my foot in my mouth. Anders is my Editor in Chief!

I typically don't publish without at least having Anders skim it. He's my favorite Swedish friend. Ya you betcha.

Game on Irma!

***Florida friends, please be safe. To those people who "troll" and have too much time on their hands:
comments are reviewed before they are published, so there's a reason why it takes a while to see them.

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